Friday, September 26, 2008

Bruins - Penguins talking trade?

According to Depaoli, the Bruins inquired about defenseman Danny Richmond since they are looking to add a depth defenseman to their young d-corps.
In exchange they would likely send veteran forward Per-Johan Axelsson. The Bruins are waiting to see if the Pens put Richmond through waivers before making a move.

Stay tuned.


The "other" Source said...

Wow!! That loser "The Source" just changed his profile info on his blog, he now says he grew up in Brantford,Ontario when before he said he grew up in Ancaster, Ontario..What a clown!!Talk about a lack of credibility!!! More lies and Bullshit from "The Source"!!!

Anonymous said...

Blues just lost Johnson for the season.

Why would they get rid of a D man?

Anonymous said...

um, this is BRUINS and penguins, not BLUES and penguins... learn to read.

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