Sunday, September 28, 2008

Depth Rather Than Poor Fitness Level May Not Be The Only Reason Wellwood Can't Fit In...

As the Canucks travel to Anaheim for this evenings pre-season tilt versus the Ducks some players need to show a lot to stay with the big club as the season opener nears.

A 3-0 mark to open the pre-season is just that, pre-season. However, it appears that competition for roster spots is extremely tough as names like Jannik Hansen and Jason Krog have thrust themselves into the limelight along with Kyle Wellwood and Mason Raymond.

In no particular order the Canucks top 10 forwards may read as follows:

Daniel Sedin, Henrik Sedin, Taylor Pyatt, Ryan Kesler, Alex Burrows, Darcy Hordichuk, Steve Bernier; Ryan Johnson, Pavol Demitra.

Juggle them any way you may see fit and these 10 have a roster spot that someone needs to steal from them. With that said there are two spots remaining in the starting line-up plus one possible reserve spot as a thirteenth forward.

In camp are the likes of Mason Raymond who is probably your number 11 forward and Jannik Hansen who essentially needs to make it, or break it this season.

Possibly on the outside looking in is Jason Krog who many feel the Canucks need with his penchant for wins in the face-off circle. Not to mention Michael Grabner, his world-class speed and his desire to make the team have been extremely evident throughout camp.

Cody Hodgson may find himself to be an odd-man out as he continues to develop into one of the NHL's future stars, another season in junior, being a big fish in the small pond may be just what the doctor ordered.

And that leaves Kyle Wellwood, looking for a place to play. The most proven player of the "bubble-boys" Wellwood picked the wrong time to fail his fitness test. Grabner and Hodgson spent the summer work on the weights and getting into shape for this camp to make the team while its obvious that Wellwood felt his stats could get him a roster spot.

If Alain Vigneault and Mike Gillis want to set a standard for this club going forward then Wellwood will be looking elsewhere come Monday morning. For a hockey club that wants so desperately to be known for their hard work Wellwood's work ethic does not fit. The message and example that should be followed is the of the efforts of two of the teams youngest prospects.


Simon604 said...

yeah this is a bit of tough situation for Wellwood. I would say that from what I've seen of the preseason that the lines should look like this.


Bieska/Kriechk(no idea how to spell that)

with the extra man being Wellwood who would sub in with either Krog or Hanson depending on how the season goes.

I agree about Hodgson he has looked good, but there is no real reason for him to be on this team this year. I think he needs to either play a 9 game try out situation or just be sent down to the minors. Jason Krog on the other hand has looked fantastic. He's winning faceoffs, scoring goals and he isn't a defensive liability out there which is what I was assuming his downside was. This team has looked very very sharp in pre-season and is proving that Nonis did actually stock the farm with a lot of talent.

Schneider has also looked very sharp in the time he has been given and is looking like he will be a big time goalie in the years to come. I don't think the fact that he let 2 in last night was representative of how played especially in the last 5 or so minutes when he looked fantastic against the likes of Thorton and Marleau.

All in all your right about this just being preseason, but I think from what we are seeing there is a lot to be optimistic about and I do strongly believe that the Canucks are the team to beat in their division.

Oh and before I forget where does this leave Jeff Cowan?

Corey said...

ha did anyone from toronto see the cartoon of wellwood?

he was huge and they called him WellFed

so good

Simon604 said...

and Pettinger for that matter.

coryberg2 said...

Krog is moose meat, Manitoba has already agreed to pay his salary and he'll be a great help to the young prospects. Unless the canucks suffer an injury to a few of their top 6 over the season that is where he will be.

More like


With the extra's being Wellwood and Cowan.

It would make sense for Gillis to swing a trade for a legit top 6 scoring winger. Pyatt and Krajicek might fit the bill as bait.

Im a guy said...

Wellwood has a cute ass

Anonymous said...

I agree with Simon604 there is no room for pettinger or cowan they do not bring any strong assests to the table they are both roster fill ins such as isbister and ritchie were. I think Krog, Hansen, grabner fill in more holes as far as offence wellwood is always going to be a high maintence player lets shape him up and ship him out (trade bait)


Simon604 said...

Krajicek and Pyatt won't get you very much as trade bait and I don't think those are the two people I would be dangling out there. I think the odd man out in the defense corps could be Sami Salo if they can get him to waive the no trade clause. I think he could get you someone like a Kessel (apparently Boston has got him out there as trade bait).

As a side note looking back on things why didn't we pick up Schneider when he was on waivers? That would have given us the ability to trade a d-man for a forward without concerns of the injury bug rearing it's head.

coryberg2 said...

-there is no room for PETTINGER or cowan they do not bring any strong assests to the table

You sure joking right? Pettinger is the second fastest player on the team behind Raymond and has good size. He is a year removed from a 20 goals season, hits and is great on the PK. What assets are you talking about?

-Krajicek and Pyatt won't get you very much as trade bait

I'm betting that there is a lot more value amongst other teams for a package of Pyatt(28)and Krajicek(25)@ 2.675mil than Salo(34)@ 3.5mil.

Anonymous said...

coreyberg is bang on. pettinger is bigger faster and more proven than krog. but i doubt cowan makes the team.

Anonymous said...

Is Pettinger faster than Grabner or Hansen I think not. As far as where pettinger stands with last years roster THEY DIDN'T MAKE THE PLAYOFFS nor did pettinger make enough of a difference last year I believe Cook made a bigger impact. We need stronger offence not a pk guy that position is covered.


coryberg2 said...

-As far as where pettinger stands with last years roster THEY DIDN'T MAKE THE PLAYOFFS

Lol, good reasoning, lets waive Luongo and the Sedins as well THEY DIDN"T MAKE THE PLAYOFFS. Go Carnac!

Anonymous said...

Is that your best reply!!! Sarcasm Do some homework.... stop pouting!!


charlie said...

Wellwood's a fool. What's his deal? Does he just not give two shits?

Anonymous said...

I am a Leaf fan and was very happy to see Wellwood go to the Canucks. I live in Windsor and I have seen him downtown at the bars drinkings his face off.

He takes this chance for granted and therefore I would love to see him get the snips.

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