Tuesday, September 30, 2008

O'Sullivan Update

With Patrick O'Sullivan Still unsigned, Kings winger Oscar Moller is expected to log serious minutes on the top line with Kopitar and Brown.

The Kings front office has confirmed they are a little closer on a new contract for O'Sullivan and expect him to sign within the first 10 games of the season.

A call back is still pending from O'Sullivan's agent.


Good2BKings said...

10 games, eh? Rather convenient, don't you think? Just enough to let Moller get a "look-see" before Sully signs an extension and joins the Kings. Josh, this sounds more like a conspiracy theory than insider information. You can do better... I believe in you!

Anonymous said...

a call back from O'Sullivan's agent? who ever it is that is waiting for this, i'd tell them not to hold my breath.

Anonymous said...

Trade his dumb greedy ass!! Moller is better anyways! Ship him to Atlanta (and not for an armo)

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