Friday, September 5, 2008

6 Teams: Ottawa Senators


11 Daniel Alfredsson
58 Cody Bass
10 Shean Donovan
12 Mike Fisher
71 Nick Foligno
15 Dany Heatley
36 Joshua Hennessey
27 Brad Isbister
22 Chris Kelly
14 Chris Mauldin
37 Dean McCammond
25 Chris Neil
42 Jim O'Brien
37 Jarkko Ruutu
26 Ryan Shannon
19 Jason Spezza
20 Antoine Vermette

6 Brendan Bell
71 Filip Kuba
55 Brian Lee
4 Chris Philips
2 Alexandre Picard
5 Christoph Schubert
21 Jason Smith
24 Anton Volchenkov

29 Martin Gerber
1 Alex Auld

NOT GOOD!! The Senators are slowly starting to slide from the upper echelon of the Eastern Conference and being replaced by fellow North East division team the Montreal Canadiens. Now don't get me the Senators still have a solid list of forwards........................ Oops nope 3 solid forwards namely Dany Heatley, Jason Spezza, Daniel Alfredsson argue if you must but this is a one line team. They combined last year for 114 goals there isn't another line combo on this team that came close to that. The Senators also returned to there classic choke fest that is the playoffs for this team losing in 4 to the Penguins. I don't see much happening for this team but another early round exit from the playoffs. They have however added some grit in Jason Smith which will bring a nice presence to there defense and should help them fix that physical part of there game the Sens have been missing for the last few forevers.

I don't see a top 5 finish for the Sens this year and they could miss the playoffs all together which is doubtful but possible. They have finaly come back to reality which became evident in the playoffs last year and losing the season series to the Maple Leafs something that hasn't happened in some time.

Sources Prediction
12th to 6th place for the Senators


Anonymous said...

Thanks!! Its about time...When you say your gonna post something on a Monday and you do it on a Friday you make this site lose major credibility with the readers....

Anonymous said...

Meh. This team thrives when they don't have the critics on their side. You neglected to note a couple of intangibles, such as, a new head coach who preaches accountability and systems, and the fact that the remaining players from last year are all pissed off about how the season ended and want to make things right.

Will they win the cup, no. But they will compete and be a very hard team to play against.

But that's just my opinion.

The Source said...

Exactly! To bad other people don't have what it takes to see that. Instead they bitch and whine about me ripping there team but when they do it to say the Leafs its ok I just want the people who know what an opinion actually is to answer or write on my blogs not people who's posts I've removed.

Anonymous said...

sheeesh. that defense is not looking too good.

G said...

Good job Source.. Like you said, way too many complainers. "Anonymous" complainers at that..

Ottawa will be decent and except the top 3 forwards, they also have Vermette, who can pot 25 and Fisher, who is VERY valuable in many ways. Again, the defense and goaltending is questionable. It's usually just the goaltending but TY, defense doesn't look too hot. My prediction? 6th or 7th.


Simon604 said...

Hey Scource if you don't want people with opinions posting on your site don't have an option for people to do so. Most of the things posted are quite tame and are mostly just there to start up a conversation. You on the other hand seem to do quite the job on ripping on Eklund and his opinions so why not let people do the same with you?

The Source said...

Oh no I don't have a problem with people giving there opinions just people who come on here and think they can use language fit for a truckers road convention. I'm sure there are minors who may read this site and I don't think they need to see the slander that comes out of some peoples mouths.

As for Ek he is a bother to me and I don't bash him on here. I think its a real waste of "so called sources" To claim you have them and yet when you give a rumor you never do a follow up the next day. Thats why I give Ek a bad rap because he has done it already.

Anonymous said...

just a little things, you put TO on 7th place and maybe Ottawa finish 12th. I just can't imagine TO finish in front the senators.

Sorry about that but....

coryberg2 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
James said...

If your going to make it in this business SOurce you have to have thick skin and credible sources, something you seem to have neither of. I'm sure you'll delete this comment too, but I am just giving you constructive criticism.

Onto your blog. The Sens d and forward core are at the moment deep. How can you say they are weak and questionable? The Sens have always been said to be a 1 line team, but with the likes of Fisher, Vermette, Foligno, McCammond, Neil, Ruttu, Winchester, Kelly they will once again have plenty of goals.

I'm quite surprised you failt o mention the shot blocking of this team and now with the addition of Jason SMith, we will have 3 of the top 13 shot blockers in the game, as SMith and Volchenkov are also respectively top 3. Then with the addition of Picard and Kuba, accompanied with Lee, the backend offence is about the same as past years. There's no reason Kuba can't get back to his 15 goal production manning this PP.

Now to the golatending. Gerber will forever get a bad wrap of being a weak goalie, but his THICK SKIN, will not derail him and his numbers were more than impressive last year.

Put into the mix a head coach who demands accountabililty and is a genius at getting the most out of each and every player. Ottawa will battle with Boston for top spot in the division and finish 4th or 5th in the conference. Wait and see.

Anonymous said...

you forgot about Jesse Winchester he is on a on-way contract

Anonymous said...

The Sens aren't as good as many Sens fans think they are, but nearly as weak as some others put them.........

Plenty of goals? Fisher, Vermette, Foligno, McCammond, Neil, Kelly combined for 79 goals last year.....there is as much of a chance of this repeating than not......

The defence is solid! You can't argue that the top 3 are very strong defensively, just not as good offensively. Last season, the team sorely lacked a defenceman who could start the attack....Redden and Meszaros weren't getting the job done. Lee should do well enough, but to say a young guy can come in and do the job is dreaming.....he may do well, but by no means a guarantee.

The goaltending is basically the same minus a distraction. Gerber is solid enough, but middle of the pack statistically. He is strong enough though to backstop a team like the Senators to a playoff birth....

Their situation doesn't depend on the big three, but more on secondary scoring actually coming through and not fans saying what these guys could potentially do.......

Anonymous said...

The Sens aren't as good as many Sens fans think they are, but nearly as weak as some others put them.........

I meant to say "not nearly as weak"

The Source said...

The reason I put the Leafs in front of the Senators is simple because of last seasons performance and Toronto besting them in the season series NOT to mention the Senators terrible defence this year and a really huge ? mark in goal the Leafs at this point anyways look better. Of course thats minus the Heatley, Alfredsson, Spezza line.

Anonymous said...

i may have read the above post incorrectly but are you trying to say that the leafs look like a better team than the sens this year?

The Source said...

Yes I am saying that and until I am proven otherwise I will still say the same thing.

Anonymous said...

Leaf will be one of the five worst team in the NHL this year and Ottawa will be in the playoff.who will score goal for the leaf this year ?

Anonymous said...

Ottawa will miss the playoffs in a tough East. they dont have the scoring, the D is now officially suspect, and Gerber will not be as solid as last year.

10th in the East and 4th in the division.

The Source said...

Someone please tell me how you know that the Leafs will be bottom 5? I swear the next person that says that I want a chart and there how they came about having physic ability's.

Because I am tired of the bull!

Ben said...

As far as ambiguous and tame predictions go, yours is the most lame I've seen from the blogosphere.

6th to 12th? Why not just say "They will remain in the Eastern conference"?

Talking about toughness on the Sens and not mentioning the addition of Rutuu shows how little effort and research went into this post.

The Source said...

People wanted it done quickly and thats what they got!

You Armchair GM's don't seem to realize that the Leafs and the Senators are PROFESSIONAL Sports teams they won't lie down and die for anyone. Especially not for fans I think it is absolutely ridiculous that people can predict the Leafs out of the playoffs when the team hasn't even played a game under new coach Wilson and already people make the judgment that they will miss.

Well I say bull to that because I don't think anyone on this website is physic and every team should have a chance no matter how much you hate them.

The Source

P.S. Please stop bringing up Eklund on my blogs

The real Source said...

The Source is a complete joke and the fact he's still writing for this site is only bringing down any credibility it has. I've had 3 posts deleted now simply because I disagree with his take.

Scotty, if you get to read this, get this jokster off of here.

Hey source, I predict the Sens will finish somehwere beteen 1st and 30th spot. Way to narrow it down you poser. Go ahead and delte this one as well.

Anonymous said...

the source is a fucking joke man you try to bash eklund all the time but you can't cause he is like 100000000000 times better then you and one quick note spell check your blogs you dumb fuck oh and scotty take the pice of shit off the site EKLUND IS THE BEST AND WILL ALWAYS BE !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The Leafs will finish ahead of the Sens?

Don't let your Leaf coloured goggles interefere with reality. The Leafs will be a battling for Tavares and the Sens will make the playoffs. The Leafs might surprise an finish outside the bottom 10, buit that's pushing it.

Anonymous said...

This was the most unbelievably amateur little 'season preview' I've ever read in my life.

Scotty, this kind of stuff only takes away from what you're trying to do! Get it off - and get someone who knows what they're talking about to do it!

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