Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Glen Murray Ottawa bound??

A rumor coming out of Ottawa is that Glen Murray could soon be suiting up for the Ottawa Senators very soon.

Fred's Take: Murray could be a great fit on Ottawa top 6 forwards, especially with the rumors of Chris Neil being shopped around the league. Neil is now somewhat expandable with the additions of Jarkko Ruutu and Jason Smith, as well as the emergence of Cody Bass.

Stay tuned.


corey said...

they desperatly need leadership, Alfie is a great player...but i really dont think hes a team leader and blame him for most of Ottawas failure last season.

Anonymous said...

I hope Murray doesn't trade Neil.... he is the only true enforcer they have!!!

Corey said...

no way,
cody bass is a beast, and like this posts says they also have ruttu now too, you cant have to many thugs on your team, neil can bring back something and cody will take his place as a younger neil.

Anonymous said...

Murray, still has a lot of goals left and would be a definate help in leading the team!!

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