Thursday, September 4, 2008

Mats Sundin will not make decision!

Mats Sundin announced today that he will not make a decision on his playing future before the start of training camp.

The Sources take:
While details still remain faint it seems that he is very reluctant to make any decision on his future. I think this is a mistake on Sundins part as he will lose a shot at what some teams were offering including Vancouvers $20,000,000 2 year deal. GM Cliff Fletcher has stated that he is prepared to move on without the Leafs former captain he also said that they may choose a new captain in the coming weeks which I think is a step in the right direction for the team.

I think the main candidates are at this point:

F Matt Stajan
D Pavel Kubina
F Jamal Mayers

These are my main choices.

The Source


corey said...

Stajan might be a year or two away, but other then him I might eb alone in this but ir eally think Jason Blake should get some credit, in all of the TSN interviews hes always saying whats what with the team, i think hes enough of a loud mouth that he could really call out people and say lets go. that might be a good or bad thing just my opinnion

Anonymous said...

Kaberle was an 'A' last year how is he not on your list?!?

Christopher said...

Steen has more leadership than stajan are you kidding me... Stajan as the captain would hurt this team sooo much, hes nothing more than a 3rd line grinder.

Kaberle or Kubina will be captain if we do choose to assign a new captain, however cliff also said if Sundin chooses to come back in January he will allow that with open arms, so I don't think he will be choosing a new captain.

Anonymous said...

it doesnt matter if your "C" is a 3rd line grinder, its leadership, not your highest point productive guy, having met Kaberle a few times, this guy is one of the shyest people youll meet. so I think he will stick with the "A"

Anonymous said...

Sometimes shyness translates into a great quiet leader. See: Steve Yzerman, Niklas Lidstrom.

The only thing is, not all teams would benefit from that kind of leadership. Some teams need the Iginla-type.

corey said...

this may sound wierd but what ive found is, with more euro players on a team the shyness works but with Canadian and American players they need that motivation, i can just picture Blake yelling lets kick some ass kinda deal before every game

Anonymous said...

Who cares anymore, at this point i hope he retires.

coryberg2 said...

I think he wants Vancouver to move on with their 20 mil offer because he is too spineless to turn it down.
He knows the PA would roast him if he took 5 mil a season(with the rags) over 10. Either way He has already played god with a number of players careers with his selfish indecisiveness.

Anonymous said...

Sundin has lost all of my respect. He should have officially turned down the offers at the on July1. Don't leave those teams hanging. What a jerk, and by the way, not that great. And ugly too. Talk about finishing your career looking like a real douche.

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