Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Thrashers after Schneider?

The Atlanta Thrashers are still pondering a move for another defenseman and Anaheim's Mathieu Schneider might be a logical choice if they can fit him into their budget. The Thrashers are presently near the $41 million mark and don't want to go too far above that. They might have to convince Ducks GM Brian Burke to accept something in return, like Ken Klee ($1.25 million ) and another $500K player to make it work. Florida's Karlis Skarastins and Pittsburgh's Darryl Sydor as possibly more affordable options for the Thrashers.
Also, if Schneider is dealt it could be part of a bigger trade, noting some teams have inquired about forward Bobby Ryan, who might be considered expendable as his salary this season counts as a hard $1.9 million against the cap. The Ducks could however clear Ryan's salary by demoting him as he doesn't have to pass through waivers.
Sources : Kevin Allen and Bob McKenzie


charlie said...

Why the hell would Anaheim trade Bobby Ryan? Especially since nobody can grab him off waivers. Unless there was something quite decent in return.

Fred Poulin said...

It would be to sweeten the deal on Burke's part. I highly doubt Ryan will be traded though

Anonymous said...

Bobby Ryan, even at 1.9 million is not expendable.

That's ridiculous.

Brian Burke had a hard on for him since draft day. Now he's going to package him with Schnieder (someone who no one wants)?

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