Monday, September 1, 2008


So today is Sept 1st and the $2,000,000 in signing bonus that is owed to Bryan McCabe is being payed to him as we speak. Now this morning there is speculation that Bryan is already in South Florida looking for a home.

The thing that is fuzzy is the rest of the deal?

There have been rumblings all summer about what could happen including Jay Bouwmeester, David Booth, Richard Zednik, Radek Dvorak, and Stephen Weiss. From the Leafs side there is McCabe, Alexei Ponikarovsky, Nik Antropov, Alex Steen, Matt Stajan, and even Anton Stralman for a while.

That is a lot of players being named and some pretty significant ones to! To me this how I see the deal going down in my head.

To Toronto: D Mike Van Ryn, F Richard Zednik

To Florida: D Bryan McCabe, F Alexei Ponikarovsky

This is just my opinion but this also something I could here being a possibility.

These are the other suggested trades being thrown around the world of media this morning.

To Toronto: D Jay Bouwmeester, F David Booth

To Florida: D Bryan McCabe, F Alex Steen, Conditional 1st round pick in 2010 (If Bouwmeester re-signs)

Here is another:

To Toronto: D Van Ryn, and F Weiss

To Florida: D Bryan McCabe, F Alex Steen

Anyways there are a lot of possibilities being tossed around right now so lets hope Fletcher can get some of that old game going and make this a bigger deal.

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Anonymous said...

McCabe, steen and a 1st is definitely not enough to get Bouwmeester (signed) AND Booth

Fred Poulin said...

This one makes more sense:

To Toronto: D Mike Van Ryn, F Richard Zednik

To Florida: D Bryan McCabe, F Alexei Ponikarovsky

Anonymous said...

in my opinion, fred, that deal doesn't really seem too fair for toronto. i would rather have poni instead of zednik, that's the part that i dont really understand. i think that mccabe is a better player than van ryn. so in my mind the trade should be TOR: McCabe + 3rd/4th rounder in 2009, in exchange for, FLA: Van Ryn + Zednik. thats just the way i see it

Fred Poulin said...

The Panthers are very thin up front so they need another forward in exchange for Zednik or Dvorak.

Anonymous said...

That is a horrible trade for Toronto in moving Poni for Zednik. Zednik is older, hasn't put up 20 goals in 3 years and is coming off a horrific accident. If Poni is involved look for a high draft pick coming back and mabye a prospect. Poni is so under appreciated by Leaf fans, look at his numbers and his age.

Anonymous said...

If Cliff EVER pulls off the second trade, he will be a genious.

Anonymous said...

i dont see this being a deal including Bouwmeester, or anything else of substance from Florida. Zednik and Van Ryn for McCabe and a pick.

James said...

THe deal will be:

To Toronto: Van Ryn and Dvorak

To Florida: McCabe and either Tlusty or Ponikarovksy

Anonymous said...

According to TSN

To Toronto: Van Ryn

To Florida: McCabe and a draft pick

Should be made official at 11 am Tuesday.

Anonymous said...

The pick is a 3rd or 4th rounder included with McCabe.

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