Saturday, September 6, 2008

Nightly Wrap Up: The Q, Mark Parrish and PUCK OFF!

Hey guys...while Scotty is away, I think its time I caught up on things, I haven't been bloggin for a while due to the more adminisatraive roles I'm personally handlin with HB at the moment, and when all that is kinda over I hope to get back to blogging. On that note, I can confirm that I am going to do the Puck Off Section of the new website that there has been word of around Hockeybums More on that below.

Anyways, enough about me. Here's what's going on:

  • Scotty again, is away in Chicoutimi taking in some Q games. This is a very good level of hockey with speed and skill being showcased constantly. I know many guys who have been there (and are there now), and they can't say enough about the hockey. But why is there now a sudden decline in the number of Quebec League (or born/bred) juniors representing Team Canada at the juniors? What do you guys think? Comment below if you choose so.

  • Anyways, Scotty told me that he heard from one of his sources about Mark Parrish. His source tells him that Vancouver is close to getting him.

  • Just a quick update on the season preview...everything is going as planned (the news release is on the navigation bar). If you wanna see anything specific, we are still looking for little ways to improve it. E-mail us at

  • Now about PuckOff. What it will be essentially be is a rant section where you, the fans will have the right to debate with me as I go through my little rant as well on a certain topic around the world of hockey. What I plan is doing half of my rant, letting you guys give your opinions, and then leaving a section for a 100-word fan rant that will be chosen weekly. I really look forward to seeing what we can produce! The first one will be as apart of the season preview package, with more detailed info about the section being specified then.

I may run up a live chat tommorow some will probably be the last one before the season starts.


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