Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Nylander not going anywhere

According to Caps insider Tarik El-Bashir:

The veteran center confirmed moments ago that his Potomac home was put on the market earlier this summer, but he also was quick to say the sale has nothing to do with his status with the Caps. In fact, he said, the Nylanders are probably going to end up keeping the house.

Nylander on all the trade rumors surrounding him: "I have a no move clause in my contract. So it's really up to me if I want to move. I want to stay here and I'm looking forward to the season."

He also said his surgically repaired shoulder is fine and he expects to be at 100% when the season starts. Nylander will likely play between Tomas Fleischmann and Chris Clark on the third line.

Expect around 60-70 points from Nylander depending on who his linemates are at the start of the season.


charlie said...

Nylander's not exactly a third line player, nor is he getting paid like one.

Anonymous said...

PS. Get the Source (fraud) off this site, he's ruining everyone's credibility. Eklund wannabe.

Fred Poulin said...

Blackstrom and Fedorov are pegged as the 1st two centers in Washington, but that could change.

At least the Source is not copy-pasting other blogger's work like Eklund did today with Rich Hammond.

Anonymous said...

This whole site is a copy paste site, especially your stuff Kettle Black, I mean Fred Poulin.

I know for a fact most of you are frauds. Realize it.

G said...

Fred - did you see Ek's apology blog? It was like 15 mins ago. Brutal.

I thought HB was bad for criticism... Source is gettin' knocked round here like a frakin' ragdoll.

Anonymous said...

Actually fred, Nylander is the 2nd line center.

As he was last year, and will be again this year.

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