Monday, September 15, 2008

Pominville sets deadline

According to WGR 550 Sports Radio: Jason Pominville has set a Friday deadline to get a deal done with the Sabres. Agent Norman DuPoint said he and Pominville have agreed they do not want negotiations going on once Pominville gets to camp.

DuPont said they don't want distractions going into the season, and that the Sabres are aware of both the decision and the deadline. He declined to discuss specifics about the talks, but said both sides want a long-term deal. DuPont would not handicap the chances of reaching an agreement on Friday.

DuPont said the sides will speak every day this week.

Expect a long term contract of at least five years and between $5-$6 million per year.

This confirms what I said on September 8th, that Pominville doesn't want to go to the Sabres camp unsigned!


Anonymous said...

they need to sign him ASAP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Pominville to the Leafs for Antropov, White and their 2010 1st.


Nick W. said...

You can't be a leafs fan and like that deal, that is rediculous.

coryberg2 said...

"This confirms what I said on September 8th, that Pominville doesn't want to go to the Sabres camp unsigned!"

Pominville is signed for the 08-09 season ( He will show up and he will play!

He is simply stating that if he doesn't get extended now not to try to sign him mid season. It's before or after because he doesn't want to be a distraction to his teammates.

Anonymous said...

actually I like that deal because we get a legitimate first line guy in Pominville, and we lose Antropov who's injury prone, White who doesn't fit into our system, and the 1st is to put the offer over the edge as far as value.

corey said...

ya i like that deal aswell, althought it wont happen obv, but i mean in the draft yo ucan only hope to draft an 80pt player and we would be securing that with JP.
not to start a whole delusional leaf fan thing.

Fred Poulin said...

I meant without an extension not unsigned sorry!

Anonymous said...

I can tell you from spending time talking to Poms last week that he feels things will get done very soon.

Ill be shocked if hes not signed by Friday.

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