Monday, September 15, 2008

Teams interested in Schneider

According a source, GM Brian Burke as asked his scouting staff for scouting reports on potential targets from the LA Kings, Vancouver Canucks, Ottawa Senators and Buffalo Sabres. The Ducks are believed to be looking for draft picks and prospects in return.

The Sabres have about $7 M in cap space. Published reports have linked the Kings and Ducks as perfect trade partners considering the Ducks need to clear salary. However, the Kings are also exploring cheaper options.


coryberg2 said...

No wonder the deal is taking so long. Burke wants a pick AND prospect for somebody to do him a favor and get him under the cap? Myabe a late round pick and a half decent prospect.

kevin said...

why wont the isles offer ben walter and a fourth for schneider? ben walter led our team in bridgeport in assists and will probably lead this team again and wont show up in the isles roster becuz we already hav a lot of players that will come up.

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