Monday, September 8, 2008

"Q" The Leafs Prospects

Hey team, here is an update for two Maple Leaf prospect’s playing in the Q.

Champagne, Joe__Chicoutimi______3___1__4__5___2
Stefanovich, Mikhail__Quebec_____2___0__2__2___0

These are just preseason stats from the league site. You can find them HERE...

Also, HockeysFuture has updated the Leafs top 20 prospects, so check it out HERE.


Corey said...

will chris didomeneco make the marlies this year?

Dennis Lemieux said...

i hope so, and i hope he makwes the juniors, thatd be sickk

Corey said...

yeah i really hope so too, it would really help the marlies market out aswell, im already considering going to a lot more games if Schenn is there,

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