Sunday, September 7, 2008

Radulov Fiasco Headed to Court

“Sep 6, 4:56 pm EDT
ZURICH, Switzerland (AP)—
Continental Hockey League (KHL) withdrew its appeal on five other player
transfers at a meeting on Saturday between the International Ice Hockey
Federation and nine member countries, but couldn’t resolve the Radulov case, the
IIHF said in a statement.
The NHL and KHL will now go to court or
arbitration to decide who owns his rights. Radulov had one year remaining on his
contract with the
Nashville Predators when he signed a deal with
He believes the deal with the Russian team is valid because it was
signed before the NHL and KHL agreed on July 10 to honor each other’s contracts.
The Predators suspended the 22-year-old indefinitely without pay on Tuesday,
the same day the 24-club KHL began its first season of play as successor to the
former Russian Super League.
The Predators didn’t rule out Radulov returning
to the team in the future.
“At some point, we hope Alex will have a desire
to return to the NHL and compete in the best league in the world,” Predators
general manager David Poile said in a statement. “We will revisit his status at
that time.”
The KHL withdrew its appeal on five players who were signed away
from the KHL by NHL clubs, including
Columbus Blue Jackets winger Nikita Filatov, Minnesota Wild defenseman Tomas Mojzis, Vancouver Canucks center Jason Krog, New Jersey
center Fedor Fedorov and Phoenix Coyotes center Viktor Tikhonov.”

Well you have to hand it to them…the KHL are a sneaky bunch of sob’s. You know they were in Radulovs ear telling him to sign before the deal was in effect. In any case this is a big blow for the Predators not just on the ice but for the marketing aspect as well.

SIDE NOTE: does anyone else find it funny that there’s a club in Nashville and Winnipeg doesn’t have one? Oh well…Welcome to Gary Bettmans’ NHL.


Tom S. said...

Your side note is ridiculous. I used to be in support of this site and frowned at those who accused it of being run by prepubescent boys, but now I'm one of them.

The bottom line is, Winnipeg had their chance to play host to an NHL franchise and failed. Give Nashville the same opportunity, because the Jets overstayed their welcome in that danky old rink.

You sound like a whiny little Canadian boy who's mommy just told him there's no Santa Claus.

You'll never be recognized as a legitimate hockey website if you whine like a message board ninny.

Dennis Lemieux said...

1. it was a question merely pointing out in the grand scheme of things its funny how nashville, tennesse has a team but winnipeg doesnt.

2. yes i am a canadian boy and would like to see more teams in canada.

3. you dont have to get so angry, in fact just the fact the u are enraged so much from one sidenote is a compliment so, thank you.

4. i realize this number thing is kind of annoying but im already done my post lol.

Tom S. said...

I wouldn't say that I'm enraged, per se, more or less embarrassed for this group of adolescents learning how to use a keyboard.

Just so you know, the NHL has a rule that regulates the number of cities able to apply for an expansion franchise, by mandating that all prospective arenas have a capacity of at least 17,500.

Winnipeg does not and will not receive a team because the MTS Centre isn't big enough.

I don't see them building a new rink anytime soon, either.

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