Thursday, August 28, 2008

6 Teams In 6 Days: Toronto Maple Leafs


80 Nik Antropov
9 Mark Bell
55 Jason Blake
22 Boyd Devereaux
54 Mikhail Grabovski
51 Nik Hagman
44 Ryan Hollweg
21 Jamal Mayers
19 Dominic Moore
23 Alexei Ponikarovsky
14 Matt Stajan
10 Alex Steen
11 Jiri Tlusty
41 Nik Kulemin

8 Carlo Coliacovo
6 Jeff Finger
24 Jonas Frogren
15 Tomas Kaberle
31 Pavel Kubina
36 Anton Stralman
7 Ian White

13 Mats Sundin
24 Bryan McCabe

Argue all you want but "NO" team has a bigger fan base then the Toronto Maple Leafs unfortunately for that fan base we haven't seen a Stanley Cup in 41 years and things don't look to be changing this year either. However the thing that a lot of people are not taking into account is that the Leafs were still in the top 10 for scoring in the league. The problem wasn't that! It was keeping the puck out of there own net something they have seemingly rectified this past off season. Also people aren't realizing that the Leafs really haven't lost any talent from last years team minus Sundin of course. The only people they lost were people who weren't producing (I.E. Tucker, Wellwood) The Leafs have arguably a top 10 goaltending tandem in the East in Joseph and Toskala which should help them out. Lets not forget that Toskala still had good numbers for such a poorly defensive team in front of him. The Leafs will be better defensivly and have gotten younger and faster with the additions of Kulemin and Hagman and Grabovski. I think we will be surprised with where the Leafs will finish.

Man where should I start? Several rumors have been bantied about in Leaf nation this summer and we've heard some big names involved. Of course nothing has come of any of it! I don't have time to make a list but I have heard Marleau, Bouwmeester, Kovalchuk, Van Ryn, Booth, and the list goes on. Obviously names as big as Kovalchuk are far fetched (Which may not be the case after this season as he may be choosing to hit the road). Also tonight I have heard that the Leafs may have been the team that offered Mezaros the offer sheet (Which I find hard to believe without that 2nd rounder)

The Leafs haven't been given a fair chance again this off season and after speaking with Coliacovo yesterday at Lakeshore he thinks that's a good thing as it takes pressure off the team to perform. Although some people may feel this a biased I think the Leafs could finish top 7 in the East.

The Sources Prediction:
Its a toss up with the Buds I will say 12th to 4th


Anonymous said...

your leaf predictions once again prove you know nothing about hockey.

Anonymous said...

12th to 4th? are you out of your mind? oh wait, you aren't, but you're a kid, so that makes up for it.

the Leafs will not make the playoffs, and if somehow they do, it'll be 8th. 7th-4th is a pipedream. get over yourself mr. 12 year old.

The Source said...


Enough said! Oh and I'm 25

The Source said...

Look no one is making you read any of this. This is my opinion and I will say what I want. So you are the one who need to grow up not me.

coryberg2 said...

Wow that leafs roster looks truly pathetic when you see it on paper.
I couldn't see the leafs finishing anywhere higher than 12th. I think Fletcher is hoping for that 1st overall pick.

Anonymous said...

biggest fan base.. 4th lol
this is ridiculous...
stop wasting your time

The Source said...


charlie said...

The source: Are you out of your mind? You think Fletcher would give up that first rounder for Meszaros? And you only mention how they don't have a second.

But yes, they do have the biggest fanbase.

The Source said...

Oh I know that Fletcher would never give that up unless the offer was "HUGE"

Anonymous said...

IT s fact! dude! you think people in the eastern provinces like you leafs pfff! You read that on hockeybuzz or in the Star... You're so far from being objective it's actually funny! Hard to believe you're 25! Now get a real job!

Anonymous said...

Montreal might have the biggest fanbase

Kovalchuk, ew.

Marleau isn't coming to Toronto without Kubina going back.

#6 is retired. Finger will be 25 I think.

Forget goaltending? The only thing good about the Leafs team this year?

Anonymous said...

don't be a homer ... the leafs will finish no better than 12th in the east this year

Anonymous said...

The Leafs have the biggest fan base ... in Toronto. Around the world, I don't think it's even close. The Montreal Canadiens have the largest contingent of fans around the planet. There is NO argument.

As for your 12 to 4th prediction...way to go out on a limb. I think it shows that you have no clue as to what will actually happen. I think they will end up in the bottom 3 of the conference...probably 12th.

Anonymous said...

Source, this is your opinion and we can read it if we want. But jeez, it's just a little uneducated to the point that there is no point in having read this.

Anonymous said...

you guys are crazy, there are actually more leafs fans in ottawa then sens fans, we are the only team that gets a go leafs go chant in another teams building. watch an away game and look at the amount of leafs jersey's in the crowd.
the leafs this year are such a toss up, for all we know these guys could get good chemistry being younger and faster.we will have to wait and see boys

Anonymous said...

Obviously you are the only team to get a "gog leafs go" chant because Toronto is the only team that has Leafs in its name........

The Habs get just as many away crowds chanting "go Habs go" and wearing their bleu-blanc-rouge jerseys, it's truly pointless to argue who has the greater fan base......

The thing you have to respect about Leafs fans, is that they are loyal! The team hasn't won anything in 40 years, but the way you read things, the fans make it sound the team is unbeatable.....

Unfortunately for Leafs fans, they won't be bad enough to get Tavares. Toskala is a pretty good goaltender and will probably mirror what Theodore did for the Habs 7-8 years ago, that is, make a sub par team a team on the cusp of making the playoffs!

The Source said...

I'm sorry but no one has the ability to predict where a team will finish. Look at Montreal last year so many people said they wouldn't make the playoffs and look they won the conference (Regular Season anyways)I think its just to ignorant for people to count this team out when they haven't even touched the ice together yet.

Anonymous said...

wait till they hit the ice, no one knows till then! it's similar to those screaming about the finger signing...if he turns out to be a key player on the blue line and contributes like fletch thinks, than the amount of money is insignifcant..but if he flops, well toronto is already used to people flopping and being

Anonymous said...

anyone has the ability to PREDICT where a team will finish. the key word is predict. it's just a guess.

realistically, no team should be counted out before they hit the ice. any team can finish any where in the standings. but your wide range prediction tells us that you are quite unsure of where they will finish. so unsure that the prediction means nothing to us. why even bother to post that prediction?

aj said...

you should pick a place in the standings and defend your reason for picking that spot. of course anything can happen when the season starts, but you can look at every team on paper and compare which teams are better/worse, then narrow down your prediction.

Anonymous said...

The Leafs are definitely going to finish 1st or 2nd.. for NHL teams in Ontario.

Anonymous said...

Because of you this website has lost a lot of credibility.

Anonymous said...

do you know what mean objetif. you prove all the world that you know nothing of hockey and journalism.

nhl numbers said...

Just thought i'd add my two cents worth. Some people who don't think the leafs have the biggest fan base. IMO should give there head a shake. They have double the fan base then any other team in the league. They also bring in more revenue then almost all the canadian teams combined. There worth is off the charts.
I also believe that the leafs will make the playoffs this year. You can say what you want, but the leafs have improved far better then they have been given credit for. Just addin Joseph as a capable back-up would give you the extra 5 wins and ten points. Plus doubling your defensive ability in front of Toskala will add alot of added points. Hope everyone enjoyed my opinion. Have a good day.

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