Friday, August 29, 2008

Khabibulin on the Outs? Bryan McCabe Deal Imminent?

According to Darren Dreger we should all be expecting Nikolai Khabibulin to be moved before training camp. He went onto say that while Tallon has no immediate issues with moving the veteran goaltender it could create some cap issues in the future.

So this is the very latest that I have on the Bryan McCabe situation! When the rumor 1st came out about this GM Fletcher and Bryan McCabes agent Ian Pulver denied it now after a few weeks of waiting they now have no comment. When reporters spoke with GM Martin he also had no comment.

Today I am hearing that the deal is being finished and could be announced after this weekend the players involved from a media standpoint:

To Toronto: Mike Van Ryn, Richard Zednik

To Florida: Bryan McCabe, Unkonwn prospect or player as of yet?

While this is purely a salary dump for both teams the Leafs win as they will save roughly 1.5 million dollars on this years cap. Anyways things should get interesting in the next couple days.

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aj said...

come on.. this isn't mccabe news. everyone has already been expecting him to be moved sept 1 with van ryn being returned. there's no reason to reiterate this as it has been mentioned numerous times over the past few weeks. there's no need to provide updates between now and sept 1, unless you can legitimately pinpoint new players included in the deal. these posts are as frustrating as the sundin "updates" found elsewhere.

Corey said...

normally i wouldnt mind Zednik, but I think we have to many wingers now and i dont really want to see him take time away from the younger guys. alos how much cap hit is Zednik? I knowi can find out easily im just lazy and im sure someone knows

Anonymous said...

zednik has a cap hit of 1.625 according to nhlnumbers

Anonymous said...

Has Zednik even been cleared to play?

Why would a Toronto prospect be in that deal? That looks fair to me without a prospect.

Anonymous said...

Do we have any RW's?

Corey said...

Jason Blake is RW for sure, most of our other wingers are LW/RW's

Anonymous said...

That would be nice if its Blake, but I highly doubt it.

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