Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Mr. Lemieux's Weekly Top Seven

First off I would like to introduce myself, my name is Dennis Lemieux some of you may not know me and some of you may not like me, hopefully not the latter. I can only promise one thing from my posts, that I will be straightforward and honest even when I don’t have my facts straight. I am a Maple Leafs fan but I will not show any bias since I am a hockey fan first.
For my first post I thought I would start a weekly top ten thing like on sports center or Letterman except seven because it seemed like a better idea , and at the end of each number their will be the P.O’d meter. Tell me what you think of the idea. Anyway for the first installment I chose….

Top Seven Annoying Things about This Summer

7. Waiting for the release of NHL 09: If you’re like me and have seen the previews for this game you would agree with me, but if you’re also like me and have seen the previews for the new NHL 09 online hockey league you might not (feeling it should be higher). The NHL 09 online hockey league is the latest and greatest from EA sports, it’s a worldwide league where the player and his friends play in first person on the same team against teams from all over the world. The player attempts to level up enough to become the best player in the world. Release date Sept 11. P.S. couldn’t they have picked a better release date? P.O’d meter: keys locked in your car, angry.

6. Boumeester to Leafs rumours: I know they are just rumours but I’m tired of getting my hopes for something that’s probably not going to happen. To be honest the Leafs don’t have what it takes to land J-Bo. The only thing keeping any hope alive is fletcher's “homerun” deal. P.O’d meter: boss asks you to work late on Friday, angry.

5. Lack of interesting news: not much to say on this one might just be the dog days of summer but it has been horribly boring. P.O’d meter: neil2005’s demeanor towards Scotty, angry.

4. Long Decisions: I am talking about the long decisions of old vets who think its okay to hold a league ransom. I know some people will say “it is their right, they earned it”, that’s all and well but it’s still annoying. I am talking about Teemu and Sakic who I believe are hurting their clubs by doing this. Brian Burke said about the Niedermayer situation “didn’t help” the ducks last season. Of course there’s a third offender but I thought he deserved his own column. P.O’d meter: Lou Pinella on a close call, angry.

3. The Cliff and McCabe fiasco: this one is not really anyone’s fault except maybe Bryans three years of lackluster play. The leafs pay him his bonus on September 1st and after that he’s gone. The question is what kind of return will the leafs get, I’ve heard everything from a J-Bo package deal to the leafs adding another roster player just to get a team to take him. Let this be a lesson to all those GM’s who want to hand out NMC like candy. P.O’d meter: Leafs fans at McCabe, angry.

2. Players leaving for Europe: I hate this I really hate this, isn’t the point of playing hockey to get as good as you can and play in the best league you can. Nagy, Radulov (even though he might play in the NHL), Vishnevski, Jagr all these guys have and all of them could have roster spots in the NHL instead they run off with their tail between their legs and their respect the way of the Muskoka 5. P.O’d meter: Christian Bale in the Dark Knight, angry.

1. A certain player not making a certain decision: now I’m pretty sure you all expected this and know who I am talking about. This one is probably a unanimous decision. I’m not even asking “the one who shall remain nameless” to choose a team, just let us know if you are even going to play this year. I would be content with that. This has dragged on for far too long with far too many questions left unanswered. Whole organizations have put there summers on hold waiting for this guy. My opinion is if it takes this long to decide if you want to play then the passion is gone. P.S. do NOT come back to the Toronto Maple Leafs. P.O’d meter: God when Jesus was crucified, angry.


Anonymous said...

i found that this article lacks insight and i dont like the comparisons you used in the pissed-off meter. christian bale wasnt that angry in the batman movie.


Scotty said...

I believe NHL 09 comes out the 9th

Anonymous said...

Scotty's right, it comes out the 9th. I have it marked on my calendar. :)

Dennis Lemieux said...

i unno man every time i look into cristian bales eyes all i see is one angry man as for the insight ill work on it, damn i was watching a trailer and it said sept 11 maby it was old sry.

Charlie said...

"God when Jesus was crucified, angry."

How do you know if God was even angry when Jesus was crucified?

Anonymous said...

I hate it when people slam articles on websites they don't even pay to be a part of. If you don't like it, don't read it. Pretty simple. The article is a persons opinion, nothing more. I personally liked it, and even laughed. Especially at the jesus part. Also the Batman part. Cause although it's a wicked movie, his "Batman voice" is a little over the top. But then again, just my opinion. So you can pretend you didn't read this if you don't like it.
P.S. I'm anonymous cause I can't be bothered to sign up.

Noah said...

This was terrible to read!!!!

Anonymous said...

yes ea sports could have and did pick a better release date...2 days before the 11th on sept.9

Anonymous said...

Selanne isn't the one to blame in Anaheim. They still have to clear enough cap to bring him in.

HockeyBums Knows Nothing said...

No wonder you guys call yourself hockey bums. About your Bryan McCabe the 3rd comment on your list I believe, you said in quote "this one is not really anyone’s fault except maybe Bryans three years of lackluster play". In 06-07 he put up 57p good enough for 10th in the league for defenseman scoring. In 05-06 he put up 68p good for 3rd in the league for defenseman scoring. First in D-men goals with 19. So he had a bad season but lackluster play? Seriously doubt that it's actually proven that when the leafs do not have McCabe they play terrible. Most of the year he played 2nd pairing and put up a decent 23p in 52gp.

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