Sunday, August 24, 2008

Profiling the 6 Canadian teams in 6 days! McCabe in Florida?

<---------- Here is a supposed picture of the fan with Bryan in a Miami Bar.

Starting this Monday I will be profiling all 6 Canadian teams there current rosters and any rumors that are currently out there involving the teams. I will also give my prediction on where they might finish in the standings. I'll be starting out West on Monday with the Vancouver Canucks and make my way East ending the with the Montreal Canadiens.

There are alot of things to consider with each team such as Bryan McCabes status in Toronto to where Mats Sundin will sign and will Luongo once again appear human. I will also talk about Gagner and Cogliano and the possibility of them carrying Edmonton to the glory days of old. So stay tuned should be pretty exciting. Also I have photos of Bryan McCabe in Florida, he could be there on vacation so who knows. But apparently this is a fan with him in a Miami bar don't know if its true but it is indeed him so take if for what its worth.


Anonymous said...

That is a mall, not a bar. How lame are you?

The Source said...

Well if it is a mall thank you very much. Doesn't mean that it isn't in Florida.

How am I lame when someone sends me a picture? Man you guys come here and act like complete ass's. If you don't like what I or anyone else have to say then get lost its not that difficult.

Anonymous said...

i recognize that mall. it's in toronto.

The Source said...

Well if it is then thank you. I never said it was in Florida I said someone said it was.

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