Wednesday, August 27, 2008


For Release 1pm. EST
August 27, 2008

Hockeybums Announces Season Preview Plans

50 Megs site with comprehensive team previews and predictions to launch in October

HOCKEYBUMS — August 27, 2008— Hockeybums founder Scotty announced today the plans of the upcoming Season Preview page the staff is working hard on, to be released on a time-frame based schedule starting October 1st, running through the opening NHL games in Europe all the way until October 7th, the night before the North America debut. You can see the unoffical game plan by clicking on the link on the bottom of the page.

“I'm very excited about this announcement. You will be very awe-struck about what you see because it's unlike anything you have seen. ” said Scotty, the founder of the increasingly popular hockey blog HockeyBums, which since its conception in June, has had over 100,000 hits from hockey fans all over the world looking for the best and most up to date rumors, news, analysis and opinions from bloggers who are dedicated to the greatest game on ice!

Team Previews
Each team will have its own specialized preview on their specified dates along with the rest of the teams in their division. Grades will be assigned for each team by a panel of unbiased hockey minds to determine the Hockeybums Season Preview Predictions. Perspectives and opinions will be blogged upon with the finest in-depth articles you can find on the internet from special bloggers.

“We have been working very hard on the development of this site” proclaimed Brodes, the head administrator of the Season Preview site. “We know hockey fans from all over the world will enjoy the different outlooks from our team that, sincerely you can’t find anywhere else”.

Fan Interaction
Fan interaction will also be a mainstay of the Preview, with Live Chats, Message Board Forums and even Fan Fantasy Hockey Leagues being promoted.
The site will be available to the public in late September, with the first previews coming October 1st, starting with the Eastern Conference, eventually heading West. For more information on what to expect, and how you can contribute, email the staff at


Anonymous said...

Guys. Its really lame when you interview yourselves. "Brodes Proclaimed"?? Make sure you're not quoted in the article if you're posting it.

Don't pretend you're a mainstream newspaper. It's insulting to read.

Austin said...

Accredited, legitimate organizations send out news releases over a wire. This is not a news release, as only a few people will read it. This, my friends, is called a "blog post."

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