Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Niedermayer To Re-Sign With Ducks?+ Shanny Update

Turns out it was not Sundin, It was Scott Niedermayer

Just got this email from a source:

I just got back from the Ducks practice and the word is he(Scott Niedermayers) will sign a new one year deal to keep through 2009-10. A few different sources told me he wants a one year deal because he wants to play in next years Olympics.

Its getting heated up! Adding fuel to the fire Sundin Sold his Toronto Home...

SHANAHAN UPDATE: Im still hearing the New Jersey Devils are the front runners. Philly are still very much in the mix with Chicago trailing them.


Anonymous said...


What about him coming to Toronto?
I thought you said that they were the likely destination?

Scotty said...

Well its starting to look unlikely now that he sold his house there

Anonymous said...

still has a Condo in toronto fyi

Anonymous said...

He also has a condo there aswell

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