Thursday, November 20, 2008

Vanek AGAIN/East Playoff Predictions

The Sabres are quickly going downhill, but Thomas Vanek is going up. Vanek scored another 2 goals in last night's loss to Boston, giving him a league-leading 15 goals. Keep it up Thomas.

The NHL season is about 1/4 of the way done, so here are my predictions based on what I've seen this season.


1. Boston(Tim Thomas is UNBELIEVABLE)

2. New York Rangers(Great mix of young, hard-nosed guys mixed with veteran leaders)

3. Washington(Semin and Ovechkin blow my mind. Green blows it even further)

4. Montreal(Great team, but, WAY too much hype for them to win the cup, Tanguay=perfect fit)

5. Pittsburgh(Staal, best two-way forward in NHL, plus 2 best centers in NHL)

6. Buffalo(Need Tim Connolly back, Rivet needs to be a presence again)

7. Carolina(Eric Staal will step it up)

8. Toronto(If Sundin signs, they will be in the playoffs, I gurantee it)

Next blog will be about predictions of Western teams

Tell me what you think; Agree, disagree, etc.


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