Monday, November 17, 2008

Where's Max Going? Possible Rumors

It seems as if the fans are getting sick of Maxim Afinogenov's lazy play. So is Lindy Ruff. Max has been benched extra time in some games this season because of turnovers, playing well over the usual 1-minute shift, and lack of finish. Lindy made him sit for over 16 minutes, 3 games ago because of a turnover which converted to a goal for the opponent. So, as the season progresses, most fans have been saying, "where will Afinogenov go?" Well, say no more. I have heard that it will be a while before Max is traded, if being traded at all. If Afinogenov was to get traded, in all likelihood he would be heading to a western conference team, as a playoff rental, if anything.
Possible Interested Teams and Possible Players Going Other Way:
-St. Louis: Jay Mckee, Lee Stempniak, Cam Janssen
-Colorado: Marek Svatos, Paul Stastny(package for), Tyler Arnason
-LA: Kyle Calder, Alex Frolov(package for), Michal Handzus
- Vancouver: Kevin Bieksa, Mattias Ohlund(package for), Alexandre Burrows
Watch the Columbus Blue Jackets as they are in need of offense(well, and defense, but that really doesn't pertain to this matter) and at a crucial time too which means they will probably make some moves whether it's Afinogenov or whoever

Just some quick hits, leave your thoughts



norm said...

Washington is very interested in Max and will discuss a Nylander/Max swap

AJ said...

I have also heard that. I should have put that in my blog.Maybe I'll make a Max to East teams blog. lol


Paul Stastny will not be traded to Buffalo due to the contract extension that just happened a couple of minutes ago.

coryberg2 said...

": Kevin Bieksa, Mattias Ohlund(package for), Alexandre Burrows"

Ha, Ha and Ha. the canucks wouldn't trade any of the 3 straight up for max. Try adding a first rounder to the mix for Ohlund. Bieksa is getting more points is tough as nails and has a good 4 year contract. Burrows is the most underpaid player in the league.

Good luck with any of those pipe dreams, max is a combined -22 with only 11 goals in his past 73 games.

AJ said...

I just pass what I hear

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