Monday, November 3, 2008

Couple Rumors

These Are From A Source

Shanahan To Devils? This might work, it would also add some more veteran leadership to this team.

Sundin To Detroit Or Montreal? I know we have heard it about a million times. I am told that money is not a problem.....Mats wants a cup.

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Dan said...

I really hope the Sundin to Detroit one doesn't turn out true.

Really not interested in getting a guy who's so motivated that a month of the season has gone by and he hasn't even decided if he's playing.

What commitment...

Anonymous said...

If Sundin truly wanted a Cup, why didn't he sign with Montreal way back when??
All of a sudden, he just realized he wants it?? I don't buy it.....

Montreal is rolling without the dumbass so sucks to be him!! Now it's only 10 games in and anything can change, but Montreal has the right people in the right places and the right players in the right places........things look good for da Habs!!

edges said...

I think its totally idiotic for any team without the cap space to sign him. Everyone will know they are trying to clear cap space, and so any trade partners they might have will have the upper hand. For example, if the Rangers want to make a trade for cap space, everyone will know why and the teams wont give them a balanced deal. Same for the Ducks. Anyone else think Burke has done a lot of really terrible moves... signing Sundin would be another idiotic one.

In my opinion the only teams that should be signing him are teams who already have the space. He is a one year deal only, so giving up any prospects, long term roster players or any other asset is ridiculous.
Vancouver, Toronto.
All other teams would be making a mistake.

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