Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The A's To Your Q's:Session 2

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I have a question about the Leafs

Will they acquire anyone in the coming days or are they staying put?

The Source said on his website that Cliff Fletcher has denied all of the internet rumors and that he is not speaking with the GM of the Coyotes is this true or will we see a trade?


Hey Damian.

For now from what ive heard the Leafs are staying put. So far all ive heard with Coyotes are the talks are only preliminary nothing substantial being discussed as of right now.



I am assuming you took out the option to write in anonymously off because people abuse it by chirping rather than actually commenting and debating on the different topics etc. on your site. That being said I used the anonymous option to comment on your site because I am not registered with blogger and was having trouble setting up an account.

Do you have any suggestions?

Besides that I love the site and check it multiple times a day. Keep up the good work.

Windsor, Ontario
Nicolas Williamson

Hey Nic,

First yes thats why we took it off but since then we have put it in with comments moderated. That is why you may not see your comment pop up right away after you post it like you used to.



Are the Bruins going to do anything (as in trades). Possibly trading Manny and bringing up Tukka, bringing in a top 4 D-man. I have heard Gaborik's name and the Bruins mentioned, how about Boumester?

Boston Bruins, Winnipeg, MB
vince m

Hey Vince,

The Bruins have talked quietly with the Wild about Gaborik but like the Leafs nothing substantial. The Bouwmeester rumors have been very quiet. The Bruins have showed interest but have not even spoken with the Panthers since they re-signed J-Bo. Watch for the Bouwmeester situation to heat up come Deadline day or just before.



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