Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Shanny to the highest bidder

From Larry Brooks:

Nearly four months after becoming a free agent, Shanahan is putting himself onto the open market.

“I’ve told Rick [Curran] that I can no longer wait and that it’s time to move on,” Shanahan, referring to his agent, told The Post this afternoon. “Until now, Rick has been under instructions to tell inquiring teams that my focus was on re-signing with the Rangers, and that I was not accepting any other offers.

“That has changed.”

I'm sure a few teams looking for a gritty veteran will inquire (Nashville, Atlanta, Phoenix, Florida).


Anonymous said...

ottawa needs a guy like this

Anonymous said...

yeah he would do well in Ottawa, however unless he can play goalie the Sens arent doing much this season. Plus they have salary cap issues to deal with.

Anonymous said...

In my opinion the Leafs need him more, to help teach the young guys.

Leafsfaninottawa said...

C'mon Cliff..

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