Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Kings, Ducks a Rivalry?

What makes this a rivalry? Don’t get me wrong, I love the vibe in the Staples Center when the Ducks are Kings are facing off but what really makes this a rivalry? Is it just because they are a 45 minute drive away from each other? Maybe two fans bases should not be so close. But why so much hatred between the fans? Well….

Trades. There have been no major trades between the Kings and Ducks. Only 2 minor trades have happened. One coming just a few weeks ago when the Ducks sent veteran defenseman Sean O’Donnel to the Kings for a conditional 3rd round pick. The other came last season when the Kings sent Backup Goalie JS Aubin to the Ducks.

Playoffs. They have never met each other in the Playoffs.

Since the Ducks came into the league in 1993-94 the Kings lead the overall record between the two teams with a record of 37-32-11-5. That includes last weeks 6-3 Kings win over Anaheim.

These should be the most important things when deciding if a rivalry exists but the fans are using other reasons since these facts do not constitute a rivalry. Ducks, Kings fans bicker about what arena is better? where is it better to live? The City of Los Angeles or the suburbs of Orange County? Which uniform looks better? Who are the bandwagoners?

If you have never experienced a Kings, Ducks game, let me assure you the rivalry is deep and the two sides just plain hate each other. For good reasons? Not really. But it makes the games as exciting as hockey can get.


Anonymous said...

You should come see a leafs-habs game to see a REAL rivalry...Ducks-Kings??LOL

Anonymous said...

no I'd say Leafs-Sens is a better rivalry.

Anonymous said...

Leafs-Habs? LOL, You call that a rivalry?

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