Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Scotty's Predictions Take 3

After an awful 1st prediction attempt I tried my hand at it again and only got 1 wrong last night. So Here I go with tonights Predictions From Me, Scotty!

Toronto Vs New Jersey
Leafs are coming off a loss to the Lightning and will try to rebound against a Devils team flattened with injuries. With Martin Brodeur in nets it will be tough!

Prediction: Devils Win(Brodeur is KEY!)

Wild Vs Stars
This should be a close one. Turco vs Backstrom I believe and I think the main factor in this one will actually end up being a forward, Mikko Koivu makes the difference.

Prediction: Wild Win

Detroit Vs Anaheim
This one should be a thriller. A hot Red Wings team with a flying Marian Hossa vs a Hot Ducks team with a flying Ryan Getzlaf its really a toss-up.

Prediction: Ducks Win Thriller!


Anonymous said...

Nice Job Scotty 0/3 Brodeur certainly was key! He gave up 5 goals and 2 shoot out goals!!!

You suck!

Anonymous said...

Brodeur was not the key and Leafs win.

Anonymous said...

didn't get the leafs game right but i was actually expecting the devils to win also. leafs are raising some eyebrows this season, doing much better than expected.

Dan said...

How was he 0/3? The Ducks did win.

Granted it took three 5-on-3's, a lucky goal of the defenseman's skate, and an overtime winner that was knocked in with a high stick, but they did technically win.

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