Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Talkcast Problems

Hey Guys,

I understand their have been some major issues with the talkcast. We are restarting from scratch the talkcasts next week with a new time and what not. We would like you to post improvements and commentaries on our comments section of this blog to tell us what you want!



Anonymous said...

Get rid of Dewey. He obviously cannot be mature enough to get rid of his FRIENDS that are calling up. There are ways there to mute people and he doesnt do this. At the end there his friends were putting down canadians and making fouls of themselves. This is a hockey website not Deweys open air site. Hes been warned once. As the old saying goes Screw me once Deweys fault screw me twice Scottys fault.

Dewey said...

Listen guy, I know that I shouldn't have my friends on there, but it's the only thing preventing me from talking for an hour straight. There's almost nobody in there at that time, and I will not even bother finishing up at 3:30 PM this week. I can guarantee you that things will change next week, when we move to a new start time. I will tell my jackass friends to not even come in if they are going to screw around. I keep telling them to stick with hockey, but they simply refuse to comply. I believe I deserve another chance with things being changed around, and if I still mess up, then it's time for me to go.

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