Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My Predictions For Tonights Games

Hey guys here are my predictions for tonight(Not to be used on Pro-Line, Mise Au Jeu or any other thing like that:

Predators Vs Capitals
Caps are missing their superstar but I still think they get it done.

Prediction: Caps Win

Flyers vs Thrashers
Philly's on a little streak here and I see them keeping it up against a lowly Thrashers team.

Prediction: Flyers win

Lightning Vs Leafs
Also known as for now Schenn vs Stamkos, I see Stamkos winning in the battle of young stars as I think Melrose will give him his deserved ice time. Schenn will keep up his great work in my opinion this will be a close one I think.

Prediction: Lightning Win

Hurricanes Vs Canadiens
Canes just aren't healthy, the Canadiens have got their whole team healthy as of now, look for the Habs to break the Cam Ward Curse.

Prediction: Habs Win

Avalanche Vs Flames
I think this could be a real thriller, I see the flames grinding it out for the win. It will be all about goaltending tonight.

Prediction: Flames Win

Bruins Vs Canucks
Lets just say Luongo Vs Thomas ill take Luongo...PERIOD!

Prediction: Canucks Win

Penguins Vs Sharks
This should be a good one, Sharks have been struggling despite a win Saturday. I see the Sharks and Evgeni Nabokov bouncing back for a big win.

Prediction: Sharks Win


Anonymous said...


Once again Your Hockey show isnt abotu Hockey. A bunch of deweys friends calling making a joke of this site. No wonder your ratings are down.

Pecafan said...

Didn't you predict the Leafs to lose to the Sens a team that is far better than the Lightning and now our saying they will lose to a HORRIBLE Lightning team man come on!

Pecafan said...

Even though Tampa won this game they only did because of Smith and Lecavalier

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