Friday, October 24, 2008

First Blog Back, Hurricanes, The Season So Far.

Hello everybody, Sorry I haven't posted anything in... oh.... months, I've had some issues to deal with of late but I'm very glad to be back.

First, on the Cane's Jersey Contest, I unfortunately am going to have to start this almost from scratch, however, if you sent in an entry, don't send it again as I still have your previous entries.... More info on new dates coming within the next week.

So, on to the Hurricanes, who have posted themselves a 3-2-1 record to kick off the season. A respectable record, having only played two home games thus far, but the team has seemed to regress as the season goes on, as opposed to getting better.

Obviously I can't recap every game for you here, so I will give you some +/- ratings for players on the season....

Brandon Sutter: While the rookie was pencilled in at 4th line center before the season started, one could expect that there would be some growing pains. Surprisingly, the young Sutter has provided some offense and has continued to improve game after game.

Niclas Wallin: Wallin is finally fully healthy and it shows... 5 points in 5 games. Need I say more?

Dennis Seidenberg: Seidenberg has continued to be a solid force, and is quickly earning a permanent place in the line-up

Joe Corvo: Look up "Non-Existant" in the dictionary, he's there.

Patrick Eaves: Eaves has had about as much impact om the season as the arena announcer. Poor efforts will not be tolerated for long on this team.

Injuries: We are six games in, and only have one natural right-winger on the team.... and that's Eaves. Williams, Walker, and now Ruutu are all out, and it shows. Expect a trade soon.

So that's it for now folks, just want to say thanks, it's good to be back at hockeybums.

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