Monday, October 20, 2008

The Box Above The Ice

Tomorrow the Buds take on the Anaheim Ducks at 7 ET.

Both teams have struggled to start the season, one was expected to, the other....not so much.

The ducks are a strong team beaming with young stars Getzlaf and Perry, both future superstars. And of course they boast probably the best d-core in the league,with the best pairing I've ever seen.

On the other side, the Leafs are the polar opposite.

One of the weakest teams in the league, the Leafs have played the way everyone expected, except that one guy who said they'd make the playoffs.

That aside, there have been a few bright spots so far.

The trio of Hagman-GrabO-Tlusty/Kuulie has been the best line on the leafs. They have one point between the three but they creat somthing every time they're on the ice. Also, the Buds have 4 more games until they must make a decision about Schenn and each and every game he convinces me more and more that he belongs on the team. Him and Frogren have become the shutdown duo and have been the best on the blueline.

With all that said, the big story of the game will be the resurrection of the Burke-to-Toronto rumours.

The current GM of the Ducks has turned down a contract extension to stay in Anaheim and many say he is going to take over Clif's post at the end of the season or perhaps before that. If the (don't call me mighty) Ducks keep under-performing like this maby we could see Burkie up in the box at the ACC more often.

The Leafs official website is streaming the game free, ill post the link tomorrow.

Side Note: The new season of Kenny Vs. Spenny started tonight, anyone get to catch it?


Anonymous said...

The new season of Kenny Vs. Spenny..What channel is this on and when?

leafsfaninottawa said...

Schenn should be sent down, too much logjam and he simply isn't better than Kaberle, Kubina, Finger, Colaiacovo, Frogren or Stralman.

After all, wasn't Frogren brought over from Sweden to be re-united with Stralman?

Nick W. said...

I don't know what you guys think but why are we passing on Yzerman???

I know he isn't a proven or experienced GM but he is one of if not THE classiest is the NHL and a guys who I think could really grow with the team. Why not bring him in with Fletch and learn the ropes for the rest of the season and next year it's his.

The whole Burke thing has overrated written all over it.

Nick W.

Anonymous said...

I think Schenn should stay up... In my opinion he is one of our top defenders. He's definitely playing better then White, Colaicovo, Kubina, and is better defensively then Kaberle its seems. Schenn should stay IMO.

LeafsFanInOttawa said...

Oh and as for Kenny vs. Spenny...nah I didn't see it. Saw the new season of Rent-A-Goalie though :)

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