Saturday, October 11, 2008

Close, but no cigar

After being frantically waiting for a win as the Sens were leading 2-1 with some 11 minutes left. And than, I was dissapointed. Martin Gerber did ok, Greg Millen stated that he still left lots of rebounds which if it weren't for the Sens defense could have been costly. The third goal was completely Gerbs' fault. Before the game, I was told the Sens have a plan to acquire a goaltender. The Sens are offering Christoph Scubert, Alexander Nikulin, or Martin Gerber. Who are the Sens after? Mentioned last time, they are Roloson, Khabibulin, or Halak.

Here are some theoretic trades:

Gerber, Schubert, and Nikulin to Chicago for Khabibulin and Barker

Nikulin to Edmonton for Roloson

Gerber and Nikulin for Halak

What do you guys think?


Dan said...

I wouldn't say that third one was all Gerber's fault. If you watch the slow-mo replay you'll see that it was deflected by the defenseman's stick.

The second one was his fault, though. He overplayed and left the far side open.

Steve H. said...

Last night I had a vision of Khabibulin landing on the Avs. Does anyone really thing that Ty Conklin and Peter Budaj will be able to be solid tenders for that team? Khabi would instantly improve the backside.

Dan said...

Conklin's with the Red Wings, not the Avs.

Brooklyn Hockey Boy said...

I gotta say, about the Sens acquiring a goalie, that they would definitely have to trade a goalie in return. For example, the Nikulin trade would not work because a roster of Auld, Gerber, and Roloson would not sit well with any of the three goalies. One and quite possibly two of them would have some sort of outburst and demand a trade. I say, get rid of Gerber. He's still getting paid a lot of money, and Auld still has a lot of potential. Trade Gerber for a reliable guy like Roloson or Khabibulin, and let Auld have the most chances to gain the starter role. If he gets the job, great. If not, let the man acquired in the trade take over. The Sens also have the option of bringing up Brian Elliot from the AHL, if they trade Gerber or Auld for a skater.

Steve H. said...

Dan~ Correct. I was listening to a news blip about Conklin and my brain made me write him down. I hate when that happens. Good catch on that.

I meant Andrew Raycroft.

And with the Avs dropping another one tonight I think they have to be considering a goaltending upgrade...and I can't imagine Chicago would look for huge dividends in return as they just want to clear out Khabi's payroll.

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