Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Filatov Building His Case

First shot of the night first goal by…….Filatov and top it off with a game winning SO goal (vs. Toronto on Sunday). That’s the dilemma the team is facing right now, was it a fluke or was Filatov really starting to understand the true nature of playing a North American style of game. That is why he just built himself a sudden case, he impressed when given is last chance in the preseason. He was plagued by an injury and missed out on the Traverse City prospect tournament and he only played two preseason games because of that injury. So likely against all odds if he produces and we see good thing out of him during that 9 game stretch permitted in the regular season before the limit date to send him back to his junior team (Sudbury) he might just stay on board and take a run at the Calder with Voracek just like a certain dynamic duo by the name of Kane and Toews. Ok maybe that’s a little too much of my day dreaming I just said but still, he hasn’t been cut and I predict he might replace Brassard if he shows more maturity on the ice. Or then again maybe it was a fluke …..To be continued……in Dallas.

Best of luck to all NHL teams in this new season

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Dennis Lemieux said...

he cant go to sudbury because theres no bagaining agreement he can only stay with the Jackets or go to the A

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