Thursday, October 16, 2008

Gaborik Out Vs. Florida Tonight.

Word from Michael Russo, the intrepid reporter from the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, is that Marian Gaborik is out of the lineup against the Florida Panthers tonight. As one would expect, the team has given very specific descriptions of the nature of the injury...

Lower body injury.

Not much of a surprise. Gaborik has struggled with groin injuries throughout his career and this preseason had fought with an injured quadricep.

This becomes more troublesome for the Wild. For starters, contract talks with the winger have stalled leaving many to believe that Risebrough was fielding calls about potential trades, which could be withdrawn in light of Gaborik's fragility. They did not need him injured while trying to move him.


Perhaps this is merely a Minnesota Wild ruse and it is a precursor to them pulling the trigger on a deal?

In any event, the Wild are now severely tight with the roster. With Gaborik now out, in addition to Owen Nolan (lower body injury in Atlanta), Pierre-Marc Bouchard is back in Minnesota with back problems, and defenseman Marek Zidlicky placed on IR yesterday, the team will be scrambling the lineup.

Cal Clutterbuck received the call-up from Houston to take the place of Nolan.


Defenseman Tomas Mojzis has been tapped to play this evening but he has been inked to fill in on the wing as opposed to patrolling the blueline. It will be the first regular season appearance for Mojzis.


Anonymous said...

Koivu was not at practice today for the habs?

Anonymous said...

I think he is actually injured, as opposed to being scratched for a trade. I can understand your trade suggestion, but why wouldn't they just wait until after the game to trade him? unless he already knows that he's leaving Minny? Otherwise, I'll put my money on him getting another groin injury.

Steve H. said...

It is very likely an injury but speculation continues to mount about a move. Knowing Gaborik's ability to get injured just by looking at ice it could very well be that any team who may be in the final stages of a talk asked Risebrough to keep him off the ice...after all, who would want him to risk getting injured tonight by letting him play and making a deal after the game.

Risebrough did emphatically state this afternoon, though, that Gaborik is, in fact, injured.

charlie said...


Poor guy!

Fred Poulin said...

It's called a GROIN injury, Gaborik's trademark over the past few years!

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