Saturday, October 11, 2008

Guess Who!?!?

No other than Paul Maurice was on Leafs Lunch yesterday. He evaluated his time with the Leafs and what Cliff has done.

I know a lot of people give him a lot flack for his time here in T.O but I always felt the blame should have fell on the suits in the boardroom.


The Leafs take on the Habs tomorrow night at home, I think CBC is streaming it live but am not sure. I'll post a pre-game blog tomorrow.

SchennWatch: with 8 games remaining until decision '08 Luke just keeps getting better and impressing....people are calling him and 18 year old d-man but in fact this is his 19th year as he has a late birthday.

There are some cool clips of him doing drills on Friday on the Leafs homepage.

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