Sunday, October 5, 2008

If the Leafs won the cup....

Long after Gary has presented to Luke and the buzzer has wrung.
The faithful march from the ACC, the looting has begun:
No car left un-flipped.
No cup left un-sipped.

If the Leafs won the cup...
we'd all be chanting Kabby, Schenn and Hagman.
Jiri, Steen, Grab-O.
Poni, Vesa, Stralman
Cliff, Wilson and Cujo.
If only, the Leafs won the cup....

Because if the Buds did raise Lord Stanley all commerce would stop.
In fact even the TSX would drop.
Unemployment would soar.
And the sick calls would pour in like never before.
If only my team won the cup....

Boy-hood dreams fulfilled.
And the Barilko curse, killed.
The Leaf jokes, no more.
And our foreign policy, no war.

As the days turn to weeks the beer supply grows low.
And for food: theres no place to go.
Soon, the government steps in.
And gets the clean up to begin.

There would be stories and movies.
books, crappy poems and T.V specials.
And to us who've been through the highs and lows.
It would be heaven.
But, the greatest of all would be the end of 1967.
If only my team, the Leafs won the cup....

Shout out to Dr. Suess.

The game tonight against the Jackets is the last of the games Leafs TV is broadcasting free it starts at 5 eastern.


corey said...

haha well said, i think the 2 teams that would go the crziest winning would be Toronto and Montreal....look at Montreal last year...they won a playoff game and went fuckin nuts.

im alos glad this is the last pre season game...i hate leafs tv...they dont broadcast the rpe season games in HD, so stupid.

Anonymous said...

im with you leaf tv sucks i pay 4 center ice get every game except the ones on leaf tv cause i cant get leaf tv cuz i live 30 minutes outside ottawa. oh well the games they get during regular season n obody wants to watch anyways

LeafsFanInOttawa said...

Haha, what a nice little poem.

Anonymous said...

Nice one, Dennis.

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