Thursday, October 9, 2008

Leaf Game Recap


The Maple Leafs stunned the hockey world, disgraced the banner just raised to the rafters at The Joe and left my jaw on the floor. The team that many experts and analysts counted out just beat the defending champions and the perennial favourite to repeat.

Let me re-phrase that; they didn't just beat the Red Wings they made this all powerful juggernaut look less than ordinary.

Nik Lidstrom, annual Norris winner, and the rest of the Wings' D core looked more like an AHL squad under the pressure of the Buds forecheck.

First year Leafs Schenn, Grab-O and Kulemin look like they were home. With Kuulie's 3rd period goal, Schenns solid defensive play which has become expected and Grabovski's awareness in ALL zones, there is a new surge of hope in LeafLand.

Steen, Kubina, Blake, Poni and Dom Moore looked like they all bought into Wilsons system as they all played solid two-way hockey.

The trio Tlusty-Grab-O-Hagman was once again the Blue&White's best line, creating turnovers and countless scoring chances.

Vesa started off shaky but got lucky with a few post's. But, by the end of the period he pulled it together. The only blemishes on his game were two goal-line tallies by Holmstrom. Vesa finished making 35 saves on 37 shots.

Now, before I get ahead of myself, I know the Leaf's are still a little weak up front and if it wasn't for a few key Red Wing turnovers this game could have easily gone the other way. It was just nice to see them go against all odds and win. It gave me something to cheer for, something that has come with sort of a premium in recent memory.

Side Note: isn't time we finally lose the phrase "The new NHL" this is the forth season since the lockout...and I have a nickname proposal for Dominic Moore how bout "DoMo"?


Anonymous tough guy said...
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Josh H. said...

So glad the Leafs won. Kulemin's goal was amazing, and the team played a fantastic game. You're very right, the Wings looked a lot more "normal" then they usually do.

Anonymous tough guy said...

Dennis lemieux is such a stupid pathetic loser...wooooooooooooo

Dennis Lemieux said...

lol. ill give one thing, u always do give me a chuckle

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