Friday, October 3, 2008

Penguins after Colaiacovo?

According to a source, the Penguins are looking to add depth on defense after Gonchar and Whitney went down due to injury.

We all know the Leafs have a logjam on defense as they have 10 NHL-caliber at their disposal.

The Leafs are asking for a prospect and a mid-round draft in exchange for Carlo the Chinaware Colaiacovo.


Anonymous said...

Cola is worth more than that! I would ask for Staal

DC said...

I would try to dish White before Cola. Watching White in the Pre-season has been tough. His passes are off, he looks weak.

Maybe, just maybe though, White's value can be up there with Cola's though, as White has been in the lineup a lot more over the last few years.

Your thoughts?

Anonymous said...

I really don't like the idea of trading Colaiacovo.

When are the Leafs ever going to learn that you don't trade people away at their lowest value, or sign people at their highest value (unless it is a true franchise player of course).

This is exactly the kind of move that could ultimately end up yielding the Leafs NOTHING. In return Colaiacovo could suddenly stay healthy and play like he has with the Leafs, where at times he has been their best D-man overall.

Anonymous said...

White will be placed on waivers and be sent to Marlies.....could very well be Staal or Kennedy or Orpik....they've got a lot of prospects to choose from.

JonCunningham said...

Was it not recently published that Ryan Stone wants out of the Pittsburgh system? He is looking to make an NHL club, and after being sent down last week to W.B./Scranton publicly said he wants out. (

Could a Colaiacovo for Stone and a pick deal work?

Considering Stone wants out, a team interested in his services would be able to use that as leverage.
Also, the Leafs have essentially 6 natural NHL Caliber centers in Grabovski, Antropov, Steen, Stajan, Moore and Deveraux, however many of those 6 can play on the wing.

So it comes down to this, The Penguins are looking for Defence, the Leafs are looking for young talent up front, but would Stone face the same fate in Toronto with so many NHL Caliber Centers on the roster.

Yes, this is just speculation, and in know way do I have a source saying Stone could be rumored in this rumor, but its my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Penguins could possibly overpay for Colaiacovo depending how desperate they are for a solid D-man

Anonymous said...

Leafs should hold on to him, he hits well, skates well and can score too. Trade Kaberle or Kubina, bot Carlo

Anonymous said...

None of those guys will be moved until the deadline, if then even

Anonymous said...

Colaiacovo sucks anyway and so do the leafs..Who cares!!!

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