Thursday, October 16, 2008

Prucha should be traded soon

After watching last night's game in person, I found it interesting that Petr Prucha was finally playing. Than as I sat watching practice, my brother and I decided that this was Prucha's "decision game" and he had to prove himself. And prove himself he did. He proved that he longer has the skills or ability that he had his rookie season. Renney gave Prucha many chances, playing on the first line and getting power play time. In the coming days expect Prucha to be: 1) demoted, 2) waivers, 3) traded. Just to point out, this is all speculation on my part, but any Rangers' fan would agree with me.

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cmb572 said...

i said the same thing to my dad. i was watching and i was like hmm. hes on the first line and getting alot of ice time out of nowhere. i was like i think theyre either showcasing him or giving him one last chance to prove himself.

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