Monday, October 6, 2008

Risebrough: Gaborik won't be signed by start of season

The Marian Gaborik negotiations have hit a stalemate, and GM Doug Risebrough told Michael Russo a few days ago that he won’t be signed by the Oct. 11 opener.

It looks more and more like Marian Gaborik will be on the trading block. A few teams have expressed interest in Gaborik such as Vancouver, Montreal, Pittsburgh, Carolina and Buffalo.

Gaborik's cap hit is $7,500,000 this upcoming season.


Anonymous said...

I still can't believe that Gabby's agent wants more then the 8-9 mil that was offered, given his injury history. His agent seems to be centering his arguments around ONE good season, which isn't enough for Doug to sign him for mega dollars long term. Any GM would be foolish to give this guy more then 7 million per year and a 1, maybe 2 year deal.

Anonymous said...

I think he is asking for more becuase he knows they have to refuse. He doesnt want to play in Minni, but doesnt want to look like a jerk- so he makes it look like it's them who don't want him to sign.
If I imagine I were him, I can understand it. Imagine you were playing for a team you didnt really like, whether its their style or you dont like the city, it's not the team you would choose. They only want to pay you 8.5 million. If you don't sign, you can sign anywhere you want, and make more than 8.5 million.

I wouldn't be signing with Minnesota.

A safe bet said...

100 to 1 odds he isn't traded to Vancouver....their division rival.

Anonymous said...

New York Rangers..

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