Sunday, October 12, 2008

Thats More Like It??

Threw two games the leafs are 1-1-0 and a big enigma. Last nights game against Montreal we saw a polar opposite team compared to the one who beat the Wings just a few nights earlier. They were sloppy in they're own end, even Schenn, they had no pressure on the Habs D and took to many penalty's.

Montreal was the better team, they were faster, smarter, but most of all they got some early goals put the Leafs away in the 1st.

" I think I've seen enough of our team now to know it's important for us to feel good about ourselves in the first half of a game..." said Wilson.

Also, the buds had 23 minutes in penalty's, against a team who was one of the league leaders on the powerplay last year and operating at a 25% clip this year.

One reporter questioned Coach Wilson after the game "where does this fall in between learning curve and embarrassment?".

I think this question about sums up the night for Toronto, not Wilson's half-hearted answer.

We, as Leaf faithful have to take these losses with a grain of salt, they're will be nights when we blind with our speed but then there will be nights when nobody seems to know what they're doing.

Side note: I've discovered a successful way to watch the Leafs without going grey, when the Leafs lose your just waiting for the 2009 draft and when they win, there is no re-build and your hoping for the playoffs.

SchennWatch: Luke had probably his worst game as a Leaf, with a few mis-handles of the puck and a rookie delay of game penalty but, he was hardly the worst Leaf d-man last night. Also, when Matt Stajan got hit from behind Schenn was right there to tell one of the Kostitsyn sisters whats what.


Brooklyn Hockey Boy said...

Hard to say that that was Schenn's 'worst game' when he's only played two. Maybe if he does good for the other 7 he'll likely play before getting sent to the WHL or AHL, then this'll be his worst.

Dennis Lemieux said...

and 7 pre season games....

Brooklyn Hockey Boy said...

I honestly don't count pre-season games most of the time, but I guess you would have to include them for Schenn because of his rookie status. Good point.

Anonymous said...

The Kostitsyns made the Leafs look like a bunch of girls...You are living in a glass house...remember that.

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