Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Ian White Experiment

Of all people Ian White played up front last night, and even more suprisingly he looked good.

White played on the right side with Stajan and Steen who contributed with the Leafs first goal. White tallied an assist. Later in the game he almost scored in what would've put the Buds ahead and most likley changed the final outcome.

"...I want to get a taste for it, and I felt comfortable and I liked being out there and I felt we got some good opportunities, so if they want me to play up there I don't mind." said White.

"...Ian did a great job, he skated, stirred some things up, drew two penaltys. He really set up our first goal on a great forechecking effort..." Coach Wilson said of Whites play.

All in all Ian finished with 16 minutes of ice-time, one assist and a big grin on his face.

SchennWatch: Luke didn't play last night but made the trip and gathered some valuable tips from none other than Nik Lidstrom: "...obviously he is the best defenseman in the league and evrything he does out there is just so calm and so poised and hes always in good position...".

With the injuries on the blueline Schenn will probably be with the Blue & White on the 9th when the Leafs open they're season in Mowtown. But, injuries aside, I think Luke has played himself on this team and has been the best Leaf D-man in the preseason

Luke will be in the lineup tonight against the Wings again. Puck drops at 7 eastern and it will be broadcast on .

Sidenote: With the likes of Datsyuk, Holmstrom, Hossa, Kronwall, Stuart and Osgood out and still losing, the Leafs are in more trouble than Roman Polanski circa late 70's.


Anonymous said...

The Leafs are filled with players that need better players around them to succeed. We lost a lot of our veteran leadership in Sundin and McCabe, so I agree. The Leafs are in big trouble.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

this is absolutely retarted what you just wrote.

Without datsyuk and Hossa fine.

What about Kabere, Kubina, Finger, Schenn, Hagman, Kulemin, Moore, Hollweg, and Mayers who WERE ALL NOT IN THE LINEUP LAST NIGHT. and yet they still made it a close game!

i said hollweg and mayers because they are our momentum boosters, our energy players, which we had barely any of that last night.

and yet still a close game. as far as im concerned, the leafs played outstanding with who they had in the lineup. And thirdyly its pre-season, so all this losing will erase itself in 2 days when everything starts over.

The leafs will be just fine thanks.

Dennis Lemieux said...

talk to me in december

Anonymous said...

The leafs will not be just fine..They SUCK!!!

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